8 Key Benefits of Physical Therapy for Pain Management

Jan 10, 2023

Pain management is a medical specialty devoted to reducing pain and improving quality of life. For people with chronic pain from injuries and degenerative conditions, pain management offers the chance to move through life more comfortably.

At Cascade Orthopaedics, we provide comprehensive pain management care and on-site physical therapy for our patients at our Auburn, Washington, location. We also offer orthopaedic care at our Bonney Lake location.

Physical therapy is often the first treatment we recommend for our patients dealing with pain and recovering from injury. It offers numerous benefits on its own and with other therapies. Here’s why.

It’s drug-free

One of the best benefits of physical therapy is that it’s completely drug-free. It relies on advanced therapeutic techniques rather than pharmaceuticals to address the underlying causes of pain.

Physical therapy has a low risk of side effects. It’s a safe, effective option for people with a wide range of conditions, from minor sprains and other injuries to severe, degenerative conditions like arthritis.

It’s noninvasive

Physical therapy doesn’t require injections, surgery, or other invasive measures. We use noninvasive imaging to diagnose your condition and a range of noninvasive stretches, exercises, and therapies to reduce pain and build strength.

Because physical therapy is drug-free and noninvasive, we can safely combine it with other treatments to deliver maximum pain relief.

It’s personalized

Pain is a personal experience, and your treatment should be, too. Our therapists combine their experience in the clinic with the latest therapy techniques to create customized physical therapy programs for each of our patients.

We start by evaluating your symptoms and your overall health. Then we develop a treatment plan that’s uniquely designed to manage your pain and improve your quality of life.

It changes with your needs

Physical therapy is a dynamic treatment. You come into the clinic a few times a week for several weeks, and you don’t do the same thing every time.

Your therapist adjusts your stretches and exercises based on your needs. In fact, you can expect each session to be a little different than the previous one. We ask questions about how you’re feeling, and we introduce new activities as your pain improves or your symptoms change.

It improves mobility and strength

Pain makes daily activities challenging. And when activity hurts, your natural response is to avoid the discomfort. Unfortunately, inactivity often exacerbates pain and other symptoms.

Physical therapy helps you get active safely. Your therapist shows you ways to move and stretch without excessive pain. Participating in physical therapy helps you maintain or improve your mobility and flexibility. Targeted exercises build strength to further reduce your everyday pain.

It targets chronic pain at the source

Pain medication, steroid injections, and nerve blocks can all relieve pain. But these treatments typically don’t address the source of the pain. 

Physical therapy targets the cause of your pain — whether it’s an injury, degeneration, or other musculoskeletal issue — to promote healing and relieve pain from the inside out.

It promotes healing

Because physical therapy targets the source of your pain and focuses on building strength, it promotes healing in a way that many other pain management techniques can’t match.

We guide you through a physical therapy routine in the clinic and give you exercises to do at home. The moves stimulate blood flow, which promotes healing and helps reduce stiffness and pain over time.

It reduces your risk of future injury

The unfortunate truth is that suffering a musculoskeletal injury puts you at higher risk of getting injured again in the future. The good news is that physical therapy helps reduce your risk of reinjury.

Participating in physical therapy helps you heal faster and more fully. Building strength in surrounding muscles protects the weak area and makes it less likely that the injury will return once you go back to your usual activities.

If you have pain from an injury or musculoskeletal condition, it might be time to give physical therapy a try at Cascade Orthopaedics. Request a consultation online or call our offices to talk with a member of our team.