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About Physical Therapy at Cascade Orthopedics

Physical therapy is an integral part of healing from orthopaedic injuries and surgery. It can also help you improve function, relieve pain, and build the necessary strength to avoid injury. Get the physical therapy you need at Cascade Orthopaedics. Call the Auburn or Bonney Lake, Washington, office to schedule your appointment and get started with physical therapy or use the online tool to book. 

Physical Therapy Q & A

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy uses natural methods to help restore function, relieve pain, and enhance recovery from injuries or surgery. Physical therapy is an integral part of orthopaedic care.

Physical therapy is customized to you and your particular condition. It includes a multimodal approach and may involve: 

  • Therapeutic musculoskeletal ultrasound
  • Strength-building and range-of-motion exercises
  • Electrical muscle stimulation
  • Heat and ice treatments
  • Massage
  • Foam rollers
  • Stability balls
  • Resistance bands

These interventions restore muscle balance, break up scar tissue, and optimize movement.

Is physical therapy right for me?

Physical therapy is appropriate if you’re recovering from an injury, just had surgery, or have physical restrictions because of a degenerative condition. Physical therapy can also help you move more efficiently and effectively to avoid injury. 

The team at Cascade Orthopaedics can help you rebuild your strength and mobility while creating a strong muscle support system within your body. 

The team will evaluate your condition and recommend physical therapy when needed. It’s appropriate in cases of: 

  • Sports injury recovery
  • Postsurgery, such as after spinal surgery
  • Chronic pain due to arthritis or other conditions
  • Chronic mobility issues
  • Chronic stiffness

Your physical therapist performs functional movement screening and gait analysis to help find mechanical deficits and unhealthy movement patterns that they can target for correction during your physical therapy program. 

How long will my physical therapy program take?

The length of your physical therapy program at Cascade Orthopaedics depends on your condition and progress.  At a minimum, you’ll visit with a therapist weekly but may have more frequent visits depending on your body’s needs.

Physical therapy also requires your commitment and cooperation. You are expected to do prescribed exercises at home as well as in-office. Commitment to your program helps you build strength, heal, and improve function faster. 

Your physical therapy program can last a few weeks to several months, depending on your progress and personal needs. Some people with chronic conditions like spinal stenosis or arthritis benefit from regular physical therapy that doesn’t have an end date.

Call Cascade Orthopaedics or click on the online appointment tool to learn more about physical therapy.